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There's nothing quite like having a coach to help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

“I’ve been able to more confidently manage my team and it’s really made things much more enjoyable to run. People are more independent, and feedback has helped up everyone’s game.”

Approach and Process

What to expect

The word "coaching" can mean different things to different people. So here's a glimpse at what you can expect.

Certified coaches

Our coaches are certified Maxwell Leadership coaches, speakers, and trainers. They bring not only their experience to the table, but also decades worth of resources and materials to support you through the coaching process.

Practitioners, not theorists

Each of our coaches is not just a coach, but also a practitioner of leadership and business. They either actively run one or more businesses of their own, or they have 10+ years of executive leadership experience.

Virtual sessions

All of our coaching sessions are held virtually either via Zoom or Google Meet. This affords a location flexibility we all benefit from while adding the communication benefit of body language that is lost with just a phone call.

Agenda collaboration

Got a specific set of issues or ideas you need help working through? No problem. You bring the agenda and we get to work. Not sure what to work on, but you know you want to level up? Also no problem. Our certified coaches can help unearth the best opportunities for your growth.

You set the schedule

Coaching shouldn't be a cookie-cutter process. We ask you a specific set of questions to understand where you are today and where you want to be. Then we make suggestions about a coaching schedule which you ultimately shape.

Coaching is often seasonal

We don't lock you in to contracts because coaching is often a seasonal need. None of our clients always have their next coaching session scheduled. We will schedule as many or as few sessions at a time as you'd like.

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Our Coaching capacity is limited and we aim to only work with people we know we can help. To help us ensure these outcomes, we need to learn more about you. Spend 10-15 minutes filling this questionnaire and we'll follow up within a couple of days.

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“Coaching is making a REAL difference in my life. I feel a huge sense of relief after talking with you today. I feel like I’ve been carrying around a burden that I haven’t known how to move past. Now that’s changed.”

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Private Team Workshop

Coaching for High Performance

Through this workshop, leaders and organizations experience a shift in the ability to influence and empower those they lead to achieve greater results, solve problems, increase leadership skills, and improve employee engagement.

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