Built on Purpose

Built on Purpose is launching in 2022

Our passion is unlocking the potential in leaders of leaders so they can better empower and inspire those around them. To date, we've been doing that work under the radar. But the time is coming for a more public launch. 2022 is closing in!

A Snapshot

Built on Purpose is on a mission to help leaders be their best, thus ensuring organizations become and remain high-impact, amazing places to work. While based in Savannah, GA, we serve teams all over the globe.

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Growth Groups

A Growth Group is a structured series of 1-hour sessions where growth-minded people come together to grow faster together than they could apart. Led by our facilitators, these groups are great for building momentum in growth.

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You may have heard the phrase, "what got you here won't get you there." Our individual and team coaching helps people unlock the best of themselves as they work toward that next significant endeavor.

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Leadership Development

Whether you're a seasoned leader or just getting into a leadership role, continued development is necessary. So we create targeted, results-oriented Leadership Development programs to help leaders grow in context to where they are.

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Growing as a leader has been the most meaningful and impactful element for me as I've built my agency, Focus Lab, for over a decade. Now I'm excited to bring that same impact into other teams and individuals through Built on Purpose.